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Welcome to the Implementation Science Webinar Series. In 2013, The National Cancer Institute (NCI) Division of Cancer Control & Population Sciences Implementation Science Team started a webinar series focused on advanced dissemination and implementation research topics. Each session will include approximately 40 minutes for presentation(s) by leaders in the field as well as 20 minutes for engaged discussion and Q&A. Review the list of topics and click on the session title below to register for upcoming sessions or view an archived session

Current Webinars

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LM WebEx CSA Test

May 2017

LM WebEx CSA Test IMPORTANT NOTICE: This WebEx service includes a feature that allows audio and any documents and other materials exchanged or viewed during the session to be recorded. You should inform all meeting attendees prior to recording if you intend to record the meeting. Please note that any such recordings may be subject to discovery in the event of litigation.

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June 2017
Features: Dr. Bonnie Duran


Archived Webinars

MOHR is More: Integrating Patient Reported Health Experiences in Primary Care Settings

March 2015
Features: Dr. Andrea Tricco; Dr. Stephen J. Bartels

April 2014: Research at the NIH to Evaluate "Natural Experiments" Related to Obesity and Diabetes

April 2014
Features: Dr. Byron Powell; Dr. Cara Lewis; Dr. Monika Kastner

March 2014: Study Designs in Implementation Research: Review and Roadmap

March 2014
Features: Dr. Bonnie Duran; Dr. Doug Luke; Dr. Nina Wallerstein

July 2013 - Building a Lasting Impact: Implementation Science and Sustainability

July 2013
Features: Dr. Cara Lewis; Dr. Monika Kastner

April 2013 - Health Disparities and Implementation Science: Implications and Opportunities

April 2013
Features: Dr. Bonnie Duran; Dr. Byron Powell; Dr. Doug Luke

January 2013 - Writing Implementation Research Grant Proposals: Ten Key Ingredients

January 2013
Features: Dr. Andrea Tricco; Dr. Bonnie Duran; Dr. Doug Luke; Dr. Stephen J. Bartels